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Project Description
A Small application for disabling the cd/dvd tray auto eject feature in windows vista, when the user click on the cd/dvd drive icon, and theres no cd/dvd in the drive.

- No installation required.
- Only requirement is that you have .net installed (ver 2.0 or newer).
- Coded in C#

Have you ever accidentally clicked your CD/DVD drive icon when there wasn't a cd/dvd in the drive, and then
have windows auto eject the cd tray, its cool the first time, then it gets old really quick, especially if
you have a PC-case that hides the cd/dvd drives behind a cover. Well here is an application to turn
that behavior off.


"Disable Auto Eject" is a small application, that does just that.

To disable "auto ejecting", you need to turn off the build-in cd/dvd burning feature in vista (you can still burn cd/dvds with other applications :P), so if you
use the build-in cd/dvd burning feature in vista, then this "fix" may not be for you.

Limitations :
• You will have to log-out / restart for the change to take effect.
• You need to have administrator privileges to use the application.
• You really only need this fix in vista, because XP or Windows 7 don't do the auto cd tray eject thing.

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